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The ISO27000  Toolkit: ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 / 17799

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System audit is addressed by section 12 of ISO27002. The ISO27000 Toolkit therefore contains a leading and widely used tool to assist the auditor.

The audit kit (also known as The e-Security Toolkit) comprises:


A LAN/Network security questionnaire

A firewall audit questionnaire

A complete checklist for e-security, covering everything from firewalls to data access

Security questionnaires covering virus management, network routers, contingency, system access, dial-in and more.

In addition to prompting in each of the areas, the question responses are color coded. The undesirable responses are coded in red, indicating that remedial action could well be necessary. Conversely, desirable responses are coded green, indicating that the situation is likely to be acceptable

This is an extremely comprehensive audit aid, and is actually fully documented on its own website.



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