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The ISO27000  Toolkit: ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 / 17799

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ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, are of course an extremely important highly complex standards. But if you wish to shape up against them, achieve compliance, or simply position your organization against them... where do you start?

The answer surely is The ISO27000 Toolkit. This is a series of documents and items brought together solely to help you achieve these ends. It contains the following essentials:


The latest versions of both ISO27002 (formerly 17799) and ISO27001 standards themselves

A full set of ISO27002 compliant information security policies 

A management presentation on ISO 17799 / ISO 27001 / ISO 27002 in PowerPoint format

A disaster recovery planning kit (re: ISO27002 section 17)

A road map for certification

An audit kit (checklists, etc) for a modern network system (section 12)

A comprehensive glossary of information security and computer terms

A business impact analysis questionnaire


All these important elements are provided in electronic form, allowing the option of instant access via download. 


 The ISO27000 Toolkit: ISO 17799 / ISO27002 and BS7799 / ISO 27001  The ISO 27000 Toolkit
The toolkit will get you off to a flying start in understanding the standards and addressing the key issues. Further, the resources included should prove useful for many years to come.

All the items in the toolkit have been designed and constructed from the standpoint of helping with the ISO 27002 compliance initiative. Some are in fact sold as independent products, but purchase within the toolkit enables substantial and significant savings.

You can learn more about the individual items within the toolkit by selecting the options on the navigation bar.  

The toolkit itself can be purchased online via a secure server for just $995.


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